I’ll admit it. Aint a lick (well okay a few licks) of shame in my game. She may be coked out of her ghord (so they say), she may have no idea whether she likes men, women or aliens and half the time she “may not” know where she is. With that said, I dare you to say you wouldn’t do it to Lindsay Lohan. If you just said that to yourself, “YOU’RE A LIAR.” This is the B.YONEST INVAZION and we DO NOT believe in LYING. I would COMPLETELY still do it to Lohan. I love the girl.

Call me crazy, but I believe that cute freckled face girl from the movie Parent Trap is still in there. I know she’s half the size she was when she was 13. I’m completely aware she’s slipped so deep into a hole she may NEVER make it out, but everytime i see her I find myself thinking “I WOULD LOVE A PIECE OF LINDSAY.” Is it because she likes women? Could be! That shit’s hot to me. Can’t front. Although, I’ve never found myself thinking “I wanna piece of Ellen.” Her wife is SMASHIN, though. Well done Ellen.

Lindsay has been in the spotlight of fame since she was 8. She did Disney and we all know how the Disney girls turn out. Britney, Lindsay, Vanessa Hudgens, that Cheetah Girl who kicked it with Nick Kardashian, Miley Cyrus. We all know Miley Cyrus is getting down. Y’all saw her workin the pole @ the Teen Choice Awards. Come on. Anyway, Lindsay has been under extreme pressure. Her family has been in kahoots for years. I say give the poor girl a break. If she wants to sniff her life away, let her live. I got your (bony) back Lindsay.

I saw the Lindsay Lohan sextape. Great video. Everytime she’s caught by the Papparazzi in a white shirt w/ no bra, I’m LOOKING for a nipple. (THIS IS THE B.YONEST INVAZION people. IF U DON’T like my HONESTY, L.E.A.V.E.) Everytime a new report thrusts onto the Internet about Lindsays’ new “vagina” shot, I wanna know the site. Maybe I’m into skinny, cracked out looking, famous girls. Then again, I never found myself thinking “I really wanna bang Amy Winehouse” so that CAN’T be it. I think I just find Lindsay Lohan sexually appealing. Instead of calling this article “LETZBYONEST” maybe I’ll entitle this project “ILL B.YONEST.”


Sidenote: I hope you all read this and understand my purpose. Number one to tell you “I’D totally do it to her,” but NUMBER TWO and more importantly to show you how BEAUTIFUL Lindsay Lohan really is. She needs help. The worse problem is she doesn’t know how bad she needs it because she’s so deep in the “hole” for lack of better term. We all have to admit that when she’s healthy (and addiction/drug abuse is a sickness)  she is a phenomenal actress, a beautiful woman and someone we all WANT TO SEE. We watch her movies and watch her every move on the Internet. I poke fun in my articles because that’s what I do, but it’s no laughing matter. Good luck Lindsay. I’m pulling for you BABY!! ALL HAIL!!



4 Responses to “LETZBYONEST #31: You STILL want a piece of LINDSAY LOHAN!”
  1. HELL YEAH!! says:

    Mmmmmmmm…Lindsay!!! YUMMY!!! I’m a woman…a married woman…and my husband and I BOTH agree…we would SO DO IT to Ms. Lohan. she’s gorgeous…and her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude makes her even hotter to me. I do hope she takes good care of herself because she has the potential to be even yummier and let’s face it I’d rather see her on magazines than anyone else and she does look ravishing when she’s healthy. I would love love LOVE a piece of La Lohan.

  2. sasha101nyc says:

    Im a girl and i love Lindsay. I remember the first time i saw Lindsay she was in Mean Girls and ever since I couldnt look away. theres is something addicting about her. in my view, she is one of most beatiful women out there. that said, I do feel for her now. people give her a lot of sh@@t but maybe she just doesnt know how to be diffrent. Usually, we have our parents love and support to catch us when we fall and crash. we all know its not the case with Lindsay. i dont think shes gonna change untill something really groundbreaking bad is going to happen in her life…
    But i would love to do her :) I could probably fall in love with her to me no matter how she looks. she is always beautiful and sexy…
    lindsay we love you, no matter what u do, who u sleep with, and how many times a week u go out. lindsay we will love u no matter what!!!!

  3. invazion says:

    that’s right Sasha.. WE here in “INVAZION LAND” LOOOOVE lindsay lohan.. thanks for the comment babe..



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