Erin Andrews: Peeping Tom gets 2 years

B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: What a f*ckin weirdo, right? Dude is crazy

Erin Andrews, one of the most gorgeous and talented female sportscasters, suffered a terribly embarrassing moment last year. Everyone remembers the video that hit the net of her (looking amazing) naked in her hotel room. Michael Barrett, 48 year-old weirdo from Chicago, was sentenced to thirty months today in a courtroom. Is that enough? I don’t think so, but who the hell am I right? Apparently Erin didn’t agree either. She stepped up and told Barrett where he could stick it, today.

I can’t say I wouldn’t love to see Erin Andrews naked (again), but not like this. I wonder if Stuart Scott and Chris Berman have taken the time to check out and peep their co-workers awesome body. Damn, Erin did look great. Anyways, to jail Michael Barrett. You got what you deserved. Right Erin? Tell him baby.


“You violated me and you violated all women,” Andrews said to Barrett. “You are a sexual predator, a sexual deviant and they should lock you up.”



2 Responses to “Erin Andrews: Peeping Tom gets 2 years”
  1. Jesse Meyer says:

    I don’t know, man. When Donte Stallworth gets days instead of years for running over and killing a man while driving drunk, this sentence seems excessive. Apples and oranges maybe, but I’m just sayin’.

  2. invazion says:

    AWESOME insight Jesse.. I can’t lie.. I thought the Donte S. was some tishbull too. He definitely deserved something more steep. Apples to Oranges for sure, but the insight was still fresh.. I mean he KILLED a dude. barrett took some video camera.. U RIGHT DOGGY!! U RIGHT!

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